pasta salad; grilled striped bass, minutina; cherries


  • the pasta salad was some spaghettini and snow peas from a dinner of a few days ago, served at room temperature, this time accompanied by some baby greens from Lani’s Farm


  • The entrée was a fillet of striped bass from P.E. & D.D. Seafood, marinated for about half an hour in lemon juice, olive oil, sliced fresh garlic from Lucky Dog Organic, stems of fresh oregano from Lani’s Farm, and freshly-ground black pepper, drained and pan-grilled for a few minutes, finished with lemon juice, olive oil, and a mixture of more fresh oregano, now chopped, and parsley from Stokes Farm [the basic recipe is Martha Stewart’s]
  • the vegetable was a generous serving of minutina from Norwich Meadows Farm, wilted in medium-hot olive oil in which some sliced fresh garlic from Lucky Dog Organic had [almost] begun to brown


  • The dark sweet cherries were from Healthway Farms