Month: July 2010

baked cod with potatoes, kale 5/24/10

  • “Ligurian fish and potatoes” [using a beautiful cod fillet, from Riverhead’s P.E. & D.D. Seafood, purchased at the Union Square Greenmarket, and a recipe from Mark Bittman I found in 2004:   lay the cod on a bed of coarse salt and completely cover it with more salt, setting it aside;  then slice potatoes to a thickness of less than 1/4 inch (I used Keuka, from Maxwell’s Farm in the Greenmarket) and toss them in a baking pan with a generous amount of oil;   cook for 20-30 minutes or so in a 400 degree oven until tender, then thoroughly rinse and dry the cod, place it in the pan on top of the potatoes, drizzle with a little oil and sprinkle with ground pepper, and return the pan to the oven; the fish should be done in 8 to 12 minutes, depending on thickness, and then garnish all with chopped parsley (I used lovage from Maxwell’s Farm)];  accompanied with kale, also from Maxwell’s, sauteed in oil with garlic
  • wine: Spanish Rueda, Shaya 2008 Verdejo old vines from 67 Wine
  • strawberry compote using Tahitian Vanilla Ciao Bello gelato, and a sauce of berries macerated a bit with with Toschi Orzata Orgeat syrup mixed with turbinado sugar

steak, balsamic potatoes, cress 5/23/10

  • thick culotte steak, from Dickson’s Farm Stand Meats, pan-seared, then cooked briefly in a hot oven and finished with shallots, oil, lemon;  accompanied with roasted Yellow Finn potato wedges, from Healthway Farms via the Greenmarket, finished sprinkled with balsamic vinegar;  wilted cress from Woori Farm in the Greenmarket;  and garnished with a small tomato halved and sauteed, also from the Greenmarket
  • cheesees:  Pata de Cabra,, a Spanish washed-rind goat cheese;   Gardunha (rustic Portuguese goat cheese made near the Spanish border);  and Amanteigado, a Portuguese sheep’s milk cheese produced in the coastal plain west of Lisbon (all three from Murray”s Cheese;  accompanied with slices of a Royal Crown Brick Oven Baguette (Brooklyn) purchased at Garden of Eden
  • wine:  Argentine, Malbec, Tikal Amorio 2007 Mendoza, the gift of a friend

duck sausage, rhubarb, cucumber 5/21/10

  • sweet red radishes from the Union Square Greenmarket stall of  S.&S.O. Produce Farms, in Goshen, New York
  • sauteed duck-breast sausages from Marlow & Daughters, garnished with watercress from the Greenmarket’s Woori Farm;  accompanied by a rhubarb compote (Greenmarket rhubarb);  Saltzkartoffeln (boiled red-skinned Desiree potatoes from the Ulster County’s Healthway Farms stall at the Union Square Greenmarket, finished with dried breadcrumbs browned in butter);  and cucumber salad (Greenmarket).
  • cheeses:  two excellent artisanal forms from the Greenmarket stall of Vermont’s Consider Bardwell Farm, “Dorset” a soft washed-rind cow’s milk, and “Equinox”, a semi-hard, sharp, extra-aged  raw goat;  accompanied by thin slices of a German-style 100% whole wheat bread, Orwasher’s, from Marlow & Daughters, with salted butter served on the side [in the image above, the Equinox in on the left, the Dorset on the right]
  • wine:  Austrian, Weingut Hofer Zweigelt 2008 from Appellation Wines

sauteed flounder and more 5/19/2010

  • sweet red radishes from the Union Square Greenmarket stall of  S.&S.O. Produce Farms, in Goshen, New York
  • salad of radish greens (the same radishes), some dandelion greens, and pieces of romaine lettuce from Garden of Eden, as well as watercress and chopped fresh garlic from the Greenmarket stall of Woori Farm, in Westtown, New York, finished with chopped fennel fronds (Garden of Eden), and a dressing of Ravida (Menfi, Sicily) oil, VEA L’Estournell Garnacha varietal red wine vinegar (Catalonia), accompanied by thin-sliced toasts of two-day-old ciabatta
  • flounder fillets from Blue Moon Fish, at the Greenmarket, sprinkled with Martin Pouret Orleans white vinegar (from Chardonnay grapes) and salt, lightly-floured and sauteed in oil, then removed from the pan, to which time butter and lemon juice are introduced, scraped together and gently warmed, to be joined by some fresh chopped dill (my alternative to the more conventional parsley) from a small rooted plant picked up at the Shushan Vally Hydro Farm stall at the Greenmarket, the finished sauce poured over the fish;  accompanied by boiled red-skinned Desiree potatoes from the Ulster County’s Healthway Farms stall at the Union Square Greenmarket, finished with butter and chopped oregano (also from the Greenmarket);  and red chard from Suffolk County’s D&J Organic Farm in the Greenmarket, sauteed with fresh garlic, finished with a little oil
  • fresh early, pesticide-free strawberries from Bodhitree Farm on top of a scoop of Tahitian vanilla Ciao Bella gelato, with a sauce composed of a few of the berries macerated with Toschi Orzata Orgeat syrup mixed with turbinado sugar
  • water: San benedetto [we normally drink tap water, but we had some of this delicious acqua minerale frizzante left over from a party a few days earlier]
  • wine:  Spanish, Naia 2008 Rueda (Verdejo) by Jorge Ordonez, from 67 Wine