red fife blend pasta with garlic, collard greens, chili, lemon


And it still tastes like musty caramels.

But then there’s much more to say about it, including the subtle variations which different sauces can bring to a good pasta like this Sfoglini red fife blend.

And this particular recipe is very useful for quickly assembling a good meal after coming home late, as we did last night (I think we may even have beaten the time it would have taken a good pizza to arrive).

  • eight ounces of Sfoglini ‘organic red fife blend zucca’, purchased at the Greenmarket Regional Grains Project stall in Union Square Greenmarket, cooked al dente, mixed with a sauce made by starting out with 2 large cloves of ‘German Hardneck‘ garlic from Race Farm, sliced, and a little dried red pepper flakes, heating both in a large cast iron enameled pan for about one minute, adding some chopped collard greens from Tamarack Hollow Farm, stirring the mix for 5 minutes, or until tender, pouring in 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, and then the zest from most of one lemon, emulsified by stirring the pasta for a minute or 2 over low heat, along with some reserved pasta water, the pasta served in bowls with grated pecorino romano cheese from Buon Italia on top
  • the wine was an Italian (Piedmont) white, The Piedmont Guy Ercole Monferratu DOC Bianco 2015
  • the music was that of the fantastic creative and experimental new music champion, Hans Zender, from the album, ‘HANS ZENDER: Cabaret Voltaire’, which includes ‘Cabaret Voltaire’ and ‘Mnemosyne – Hölderlin lesen IV’, performed by Klangforum Wien, Salome Kammer, and Hans Zender; we listened to it on Spotify