warm winter sallet [sic] with roast guinea fowl, gorgonzola


It’s beginning to feel routine:  I cook a Guinea fowl and a few day later it’s become a part of a hearty warm winter salad (or ‘sallet’, borrowing an old English word and dish).

  • part of one small red cabbage from Whole Foods, the stems of a fennel bulb from Eataly, a small head of radicchio, also from Eataly, one small red onion from Norwich Meadows Farm, all the vegetables sliced thinly and placed in a large bowl along with coarsely-chopped toasted walnuts and pecans (because even after shelling all my walnuts, I still didn’t have enough), one small carrot from Whole Foods, cut into matchstick-size pieces, two small ripe Bosc pears from Locust Valley Fruit Farm, cut into small wedges, everything mixed together with a dressing of garlic from Norwich Meadows Farm and chopped, and dijon mustard, blended with balsamic vinegar, and emulsified with olive oil, the combination (‘sallet’) heated in a large pan until the mix was warm and the cabbage slightly wilted, with cooked Guinea fowl, left from a meal enjoyed two days earlier, broken into bit-size pieces, added near the end, all served in large shallow bowls and topped with bits of creamy gorgonzola dolce cheese from Eataly
  • slices of an earthy baguette sarasin (buckwheat flour bread) from Eric Kayser
  • the wine was an excellent French (Beaujolais) red, Domaine des Billards (Barbet) Saint-Amour 2013
  • the music was Q2 streaming, notably Robert Kyr’s, Violin Concerto No. 2, “On the Nature of Harmony”