spaghetti, red onion, Italian sausage, savoy cabbage


Note to self:  This is a great dish, but the amount of cabbage suggested in the recipe which inspired it should be reduced dramatically, by half, or even more.


I had not been looking at the forecast at all, so I didn’t choose this entrée because we were expected to get the first real taste of colder weather the night I put this dish together, but obviously a meal which included cabbage and sausage was a welcome greeting for a new season.

The basic form of the recipe (which was in fact itself pretty basic, with few ingredients) comes from Martha Stewart. It was delicious, but, as I mentioned above, the amount of cabbage she prescribes is far more than needed.  There was enough left over to allow another visit with it, even as an entrée.

  • eight ounces of Setaro spaghetto from Buon Italia, tossed with a sauce which included 14 ounces of ‘Jane’s So Sweet’ Italian pork sausages from Flying Pigs Farm (the minimal ingredients are: pork, water, salt, black pepper, fennel, and garlic, in natural hog casings) one 24-ounce savoy cabbage from Berried Treasures, one large red onion from John D. Madura Farm, and a bit of a good white wine vinegar
  • the wine was a California (Central Valley) white, JC van Staden Pinot Grigio 2014
  • the music was Mozart, the String Quartet No. 18