kale-chorizo-onion-celery-pimentón frittata


The idea was to put something together which would use some of the vegetables accumulating in the refrigerator, and whose preparation wouldn’t be to complicated.  A frittata would fit the bill.

  • about half a pound of smoked chorizo from Millport Dairy, skinned and chopped into small pieces, and one thinly-sliced large yellow onion from the farm of friends in Garrison, cooked together in olive oil until the chorizo was brown and the onion tender, the mixture allowed to cool a bit before being removed and added, along with two kinds of cooked kale from the Garrison farm, a few pieces of chopped jalapeño peppers from the previous day, and half a teaspoon of Spanish pimentón, to a bowl of eight eggs from Millport Dairy which had been whipped, mixed with a little milk, flour, salt and freshly-ground pepper, the egg and vegetable mixture subsequently cooked in a little olive oil in a covered pan over medium heat until the eggs were nearly set, then uncovered and browned under a broiler, and sprinkled with some fresh garlic chive flowers from Norwich Meadows Farm which had been warmed in olive oil
  • the wine was an American sparkling, Gruet Brut, from New Mexico
  • the music was Mozart’s ‘Lucio Silla’, performed by Adam Fisher and the Danish Radio Sinfonietta