linguine with leeks, garlic, chiles, tomatoes, parsley



In this very simple pasta, the leeks themselves become the sauce, for which they need very little encouragement.  For a pound of long pasta, figure about a pound of leeks; the basic Marc Bittman recipe I followed is here.

  • Setaro linguine from Buon Italia, served with a sauce made of garlic from Samascott Orchards and peperoncino chiles from Buon Italia, crushed, stirred in olive oil (butter as an alternative) until the garlic begins to brown, leeks from S. & S.O. Produce Farms added and cooked, stirring occasionally, until the leeks begin to caramelize, then several large Maine cherry ‘cocktail’ tomatoes from Whole Foods mixed in with the leeks and heated until they are cooked, the sauce then seasoned and tossed with the pasta, a bit of olive oil (or butter), some of the reserved pasta cooking water, a small handful of  chopped parsley from Phillips Farm, served and garnished with more parsley
  • the wine was an Italian white, le Salse Verdicchio di Matelica 2013
  • the music was Dvořák Symphony No. 9 in E minor, ‘From the New World’