cod fillet, sorrel sauce; boiled potatoes, baby leeks


Note to self:  This meal turned out even better than I had expected, and our expectations had been pretty high.


We love sorrel, and a search of this site for the word would confirm that.

Yesterday, the first thing I saw after deciding on a beautiful, specially-price fresh cod fillet at P.E. & D.D. in the Greenmarket, was a basket of sorrel in the returning-for-spring stall of Bodhitree Farms.  Our dinner was suddenly almost fully conceived.

The meal was a huge leap from that of the day before, in the kind of ingredients, the style, and lusciousness.  And I even managed to hold back some of the sorrel (a little goes a long way in some dishes).

  • a one-pound cod fillet from P.E. & D. D. Seafood, lightly-seasoned and cooked over medium-high heat, in butter and olive oil, until if flaked, divided into two pieces, plated, and covered with a sauce which began with S.&S.O. Produce Farms shallots sweated in butter, continued with a glass of white wine, to be reduced completely, followed by a cup of very tasty fish stock (mine was a compressed cube of Spanish fish bouillion from CalNort which I had been keeping in the refrigerator door, and can’t remember where it was purchased) which was reduced to a quarter of its original volume, the heat then brought down to low, half a cup of heavy cream from the excellent Trickling Springs Creamery poured in, along with a handful of de-stemmed sorrel leaves from Bodhitree Farm, the sauce stirred until the leaves ‘melted’ (there are probably an infinite number of sorrel sauce recipes, and I’ve used a number of them; many are much simpler, but this happens to be the one I followed here)
  • baby Yukon Gold potatoes from Norwich Meadows Farm, boiled in salted water, drained and dried in the still-warm glass pot, rolled in a little butter, and sprinkled with sliced baby leeks from Rogowski Farm
  • the wine was a California white, Sin Fronteras dos Mujeres 2104 (we love everything about Naked Wines!)
  • the music was Bach Cello Suites, played by Charles Curtis