squid ink spaghetti with crabmeat, chiles, parsley


I couldn’t get to the Greenmarket on Saturday, but I still hoped we could have seafood that evening.  Thinking lately of squid ink pasta, partly because we already had both spaghetti and penne forms in the larder, decided to mix it with cooked crabmeat, since I would be able to up a fresh container of that luscious crustacean just half a block down the street.  The concept hardly needs a proper formula, but while looking for ideas which might incorporate vegetables I already had on hand, I came across this extremely simple recipe by Frank Camora.

  • one seeded and chopped red serrano pepper from Eatlay, heated gently in olive oil along with one fresh spring garlic from Rogowski Farm and a small dry Rocambole garlic clove from Keith’s Farm, both sliced thinly, the heat turned up for a short time while white wine is added, the pan removed from the heat and about one quarter of an eight-ounce container of crabmeat, Little River Seafood brand, ‘blue’ from Virginia, purchased at Whole Food, added to and crushed in the oil, the pan returned to a very low heat where the contents begin to emulsify as a sauce; in the meantime half a pound of pasta (Neapolitan Pastificio F.lli Setaro spaghetti al nero di seppia), boiling in a large pot of salted water, three cups removed near the end for adding to the mix later, now drained and tossed with the sauce (removed from the heat just before), the remaining crabmeat added, along with the addition of enough pasta water to keep the pasta moist and a generous amount of chopped parsley from Eataly, both sprinkled into it and garnishing the bowls when served
  • lemon quarters were served on the side, and fully enjoyed squeezed onto the pasta
  • the wine was a really terrific California rosé, Akiyoshi Sangiovese Rosé 2013