mushroom-filled ravioli, scallions, pinoli, cress


Very simple.

Before enjoying this entréee we shared some cured wrinkly black olives and good bread sticks.  Afterward, there were two cheeses, and thinly-sliced Rustica Classica from Eataly, toasted. The meal was assembled, not really cooked.  Because of the mushroom thing, plus the fact that it was served warm, and accompanied by a red wine, it still seemed appropriate on a very cold evening.

  • mushroom-filled ravioli rounds (kept in the freezer until the package was cut open and its contents dropped into a large pot of boiling salted water) from Giovanni Rana, drained and mixed in a pan with julienned green onions from Manhattan Fruit Exchange which had been briefly-heated there in a bit of olive oil before a bit of pasta water was added and the mix then emulsified for a minute or so before being tossed with some toasted pine nuts, and sprinkled with shaved Parmesan cheese and upland cress (Live Gourmet) from Whole Foods
  • the wine was an Italian red, Tormaresca Neprica 2012 Puglia