sea bass, warm tomato vinaigrette; Brussels sprouts


Yes I know, the presentation looks a little more precious than that which you might normally see on this blog, but the chives were actually there for a purpose, even if they could have been cut into smaller lengths (although probably not chopped small).  I’m a little sorry about the heavy disguise of the fish, even if there was none of that beautiful patterned bass skin to show this time.  I’m thinking that I could have gotten away with fewer pieces of lemon in any event.

After picking out the last two fillets in their container, I talked to the people in the stall of our new Wednesday Greenmarket fish vender, Hampton Bays’ American Seafood.  I must have gotten discombobulated, because I do not remember how exactly they had identified my fish, that is, what kind of bass it was.  I only remember that ‘bass’ was a part of the name, so here is what I did with ‘the bass’.

  • minced garlic from Migliorelli Farm heated with a little olive oil until beginning to brown, julienned three-inch pieces of scallions from Eataly and quartered cherry tomatoes from Shushan Hydro Farm added, the mix cooked over low heat for less than a minute before removing the pan from the heat and the vinaigrette kept warm until it could top the fish, which had been seasoned, coated with some oil, topped with halved lemon slices and baked at 350º
  • Brussels sprouts from John D. Madura Farms, tossed with olive oil, freshly-ground black pepper, and a generous amount of salt, and roasted at 400º [there was some juggling of temperature and oven levels in order to accommodate the different requirements of fish and vegetable]
  • the wine was a New Zealand white, Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2013