lemon-shallot skate; potatoes with lovage; kales


The skate pictured here was uneffably sweet and delicate (note: there were no capers in sight), and the entrée was accompanied by Bruckner’s wonderful second symphony, itself performed with astounding sweetness and delicacy by Marek Janowski and the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande .  We were listening to it on Spotify

  • skate wing from Blue Moon Fish, dredged with seasoned rustic polenta, briefly pan-fried in olive oil, removed to a warm plate while chopped garlic and shallots were added to the pan along with some butter, and sweated, the heat then turned off and lemon juice, parsley and a bit more butter added and swirled about until the butter melted, before the sauce was spooned over the fish
  • tiny new potatoes from Berried Treasures, boiled, drained, and dried, rolled with a very little butter, salt, pepper, and a bit of chopped lovage from Two Guys from Woodbridge
  • curly kale and cavalo nero from Kings County Farm, wilted in oil in whihc halved garlic cloves had been allowed to swea
  • the wine was a white French Burgundy, Macon-Villages La Crochette Jacques Charlet 201