roasted winter squash with seared cod – and parsley


I immediately thought that I liked the combination of ingredients in the Mark Bittman recipe for this entrée, but I quickly had second thoughts.  What happened is that I had picked up some uncommon Honey Butternut squash (which the farmer called ‘Sweet Melissa’) at the Greenmarket earlier in the week, and a few days later, anticipating the much welcomed return of cod to the Greenmarket and mindful of the sudden chill in the air, on Friday, before heading to Union Square I had searched on line for suggestions for combining the two.  As I just said however, after examining the simplicity of the recipe (and especially after seeing there was absolutely no greenery involved), I had my doubts about its ability to sustain any real taste interest.

I was wrong, and in retrospect I don’t think it was only because I had decided to add some chopped parsley to the dish after it was assembled.  It’s a wonderful recipe.  Just pick out a fresh herb, and make it even better.  Think sweet-and-sour sauce marrying a great winter vegetable and a noble fish.

  • Honey Butternut squash from Lani’s Farm, peeled and cut into 1/4″ slices, roasted with butter in a large ceramic oven pan, removed from the oven, placed on serving plates and kept warm until finishing the cod
  • fillet of cod from Pura Vida, dredged in flour and seasoned some five minutes before the squash was fully cooked, then quickly sautéed until nicely browned and cooked through, removed and placed on serving plates on top of the squash while additional butter was added to the pan, and, when it sizzled and browned, also some sherry vinegar, the two cooked for 10-20 seconds more before the sauce was poured over the fish and the vegetable
  • the wine was an Argentinian white, Bodega Elvira Calle Alberti 154 Torrontés Salta-La Rioja 2011, from Chelsea Wine Vault