salume, arugula; then squid, braised beet greens


This meal included a number of elements, at least four food groups, and two major courses, but it still managed to retain a reasonable simplicity, while more than satisfying our appetites, and providing an excellent excuse for enjoying a delightful wine.

The first course:

  • ‘Pancetta Americana’ made by La Quercia, from Eataly, drizzled with some very good olive oil, with Lamparelli, from Buon Italia
  • arugula from Migliorelli Farm, tossed with a bit of radicchio (which we brought home from Beacon Pantry, a wonderful shop in Beacon, NY) and drizzled with the same good oil, and sprinkled with white balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper
  • slices of ‘Rustico Classico” from Eataly



The second course:

  • squid from PE & DD, toasted in a large enameled cast iron oiled pan with dried wild Italian oregano, chiles and salt, drizzled with lemon and olive oil, then roasted for only a few minutes
  • white beet greens from Norwich Meadows Farm, wilted with juicy garlic halves, from Berried Treasures, which had been been able to sweat in olive oil, then seasoned with salt, and pepper
  • the wine for both courses was an Italian white, Centassi Grillo Terre Siciliane I.G.T. Rocce di Pietra Longa 2012