lamb chops, arugula, cannellini beans and tomatoes


These chops have become a classic in our kitchen, and the cannellini beans are now on their way toward the same status.

  • lamb chops from 3_Corner Field Farm, pan-grilled and finished with lemon juice, olive oil, and chopped thyme from Stokes Farm
  • fresh cannellini beans from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm, rinsed and podded, placed in a saucepan under two inches of water along with sage from Phillips Farm and a fresh bay leaf from West Side Market, slowly heated for about 25 minutes, then left standing for a while, the beans later removed from the liquid and added to a mixture of sautéed shallots from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm and some roughly-chopped heirloom tomatoes from Central Valley Farm, finished with lemon juice, and parsley from Paffenroth Gardens
  • the wine was a California red, Joel Gott Zinfandel 2012