monkfish with mustard, pimenton; rapini; tomato


Monkfish is often described as resembling lobster, both in its flavor and in its texture, but in this very simple treatment, outlined by Mark Bittman a while back, which I tried for the first time last week, the resemblance was closer to a juicy cut of veal.  I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’m likely to use the recipe again, perhaps switching to a paprika dulce instead of the picante I used this time.

  • monkfish fillet from Blue Moon Fish, coated with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, pepper, and pimenton, brushed with dijon mustard, placed in an enameled cast iron pan which had been brushed with olive oil and heated on top of the stove, placed in a 475º oven for about 15 minutes (the time would of course vary with the size of the fillets)
  • young broccoli rabe (aka rapi, broccoli raab, cime di rapa, rapini; friarielli, broccoli di rapa, or broccoletti) from Keith’s Farm, wilted along with garlic halves, from Berried Treasures, which had been left to sweat in olive oil, then seasoned with salt, and pepper
  • Maine cherry tomatoes of Backyard Farms, from Whole Foods, slow roasted with halves of garlic, olive oil, and dried wild Italian oregano
  • the wine was a German white, a Mosel, Später-Veit Pinot Blanc Trocken 2012 (piesport)