penna rigata, romanesco, capers, anchovy, olives


The recipe I used for this meal was published in New York magazine ten years ago, and it was attributed to Sara Jenkins, then of 50 Carmine, today of Porchetta.  It’s delicious.  I’ve enjoyed preparing it several times before pretty much as it was written, but this time I added some sliced pear-shaped yellow baby tomatoes to the top of each serving, mostly because I thought I wouldn’t be able to use them in anther meal before they had passed their prime.  I also didn’t think their juicy raw freshness would compromise Jenkins’ formula.  I have to say now that the tomato really isn’t necessary, and although I felt compelled to use them this time, they should actually have been tossed in the warm bowl after the drained pasta was added to the sauce, rather than added later.

Oh, did I mention that Romanesco is one of the most stylish vegetables you will ever take home from the market?  It’s actually perfectly art deco.

  • Romanesco broccoli (yes it looks like cauliflower, including the leaves cradling it, while still unseparated) from from Norwich Meadows Farm, garlic from Garden of Spices Farm, Kalamata olives, capers, salted anchovy fillets from Buon Italia, Afeltra Penna Rigata from Eataly, bread crumbs made in the kitchen, prepared as indicated above, with sliced pear-shaped yellow baby tomatoes from Berried Treasures added to the serving bowls
  • the wine was an excellent light Italian red, Per Alessandra Barbera d’Alba 2011