tuna with fennel seeds; yellow Romano; greens


The tuna preparation here is another of my absolute favorite recipes, definitely a classic, very, very easy, and, like so many others, it’s from one of the series of London River Cafe cookbooks. in this case, “Italian Easy“.

  • tuna steaks from PE & DD Seafood, seasoned, then covered with a mixture of fennel seeds and chiles crushed together in a mortar, pan-grilled over a fairly high flame for only a minute or two on each side, then finished with a generous squeeze of lemon and some olive oil
  • yellow Romano beans from Norwich Meadows Farm, briefly parboiled, then finished with lovage from Windfall Farms
  • radish greens from Bodhitree Farm, braised with garlic from Berried Treasures, seasoned, then finished with olive oil
  • the wine was a French rosé, Olga Raffault Chinon Rosé 2013