frittata: sweet & hot peppers, garlic, shallot, oregano



This entrée was an improvisation.  I had the ingredients on hand, I had a lot of confidence in their quality, and I wanted to use them while they were still fresh.

I should explain that the image should have represented a proper wedge (one quarter of the very juicy frittata), but it managed to attract some of the vegetables belonging to it neighbors.

  • small multi-colored bell peppers from Norwich Meadows Farm, sliced to form large (ish) pieces, sautéed  in a large cast-iron pan until partially caramelized, with one sliced shallot from Phillips Farm, some sliced garlic from Berried Treasures, and one small, finely-chopped Thai pepper (also from Norwich Meadows Farm) added near the end, then 10 small pullet eggs from Norwich Meadows Farm, seasoned and fork-whipped, poured to the pan, everything sprinkled with chopped fresh oregano from Central Valley Farm, the frittata finished under the broiler once the eggs had begun to set halfway to the center
  • the wine was a Spanish red, Flavium Crianza Bierzo 2006, a Leon, from from Phillipe Wine