meatballs, braised beet greens; roasted fingerlings


If you’re paying attention, you had probably already anticipated there would be beet greens somewhere in this meal.  The beetroot was a big star two days back, so it was only a matter of time before the greens would show up. In fact, right now there are still some left in the crisper drawer.  There are also still more meatballs waiting in the freezer.

  • rose veal meatballs from Gaia’s Breath Farm via Summers End Orchard in Unadilla, New York (a boon found at New Amsterdam Market this summer), defrosted overnight, lightly floured, cooked in oil and nestled in a bed of beet greens from Race Farm which were braised with split garlic cloves from Berried Treasures and water remaining from their rinsing, the meatballs finished with pan juices, chopped oregano, and a bit of oil
  • Austrian Crescent potatoes from S & SO Produce, split lengthwise and tossed with a bit of oil, rosemary from Stokes Farm, and salt, then roasted, and served in this instance as a contorno
  • the wine was an Austrian white, Weingut Stadlmann Pinot Noir Classic Traiskirchen 2012