sea bass, boiled potatoes, sugar snap peas



I cannot lie.  We turned the AC on last night, although only in the kitchen and breakfast room.

Earlier in the day I had been seduced by some fish and vegetables spotted in the Greenmarket, but by evening, when I was beginning to think about what I was going to do with them, the thermometer was still sitting in the high 80s in the area around our 1931 Magic Chef (like this one, but with a bit more elegance).  That was before I had even started making dinner; I was pretty certain it wasn’t going to drop while I worked up a proper meal, each element of which called for at least some range heat.

The fish I brought home were four 3-ounce small sea bass fillets from Blue Moon Fish.  This is how beautiful they look before cooking.  I sprinkled the four with a light coating of seasoned flower, and dipped them in an egg which had been beaten with chopped parsley.   After a quick sauté in a mixture of oil and butter, I removed them from the pan, sprinkled them with a bit of lemon, finishing them with pan juices I had mixed with some more parsley.

The accompaniments were large red fingerlings from Lucky Dog Farm, which I boiled, cut into smaller pieces then tossed with butter and lovage; and sugar snap peas from Eckerton Hill Farm, blanched for one minute, then briefly heated in a little oil and finished with chives.

Each of the herbs also came from the Greenmarket, the parsley from Queens County Farm, the lovage from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm, and the chives from S.S.&O. Farm.

The wine was an excellent Loire, Olga Raffault Cuvée Chinon rosé 2012, the gift of wonderful friends.