Tag: Pata de Cabra

steak, balsamic potatoes, cress 5/23/10

  • thick culotte steak, from Dickson’s Farm Stand Meats, pan-seared, then cooked briefly in a hot oven and finished with shallots, oil, lemon;  accompanied with roasted Yellow Finn potato wedges, from Healthway Farms via the Greenmarket, finished sprinkled with balsamic vinegar;  wilted cress from Woori Farm in the Greenmarket;  and garnished with a small tomato halved and sauteed, also from the Greenmarket
  • cheesees:  Pata de Cabra,, a Spanish washed-rind goat cheese;   Gardunha (rustic Portuguese goat cheese made near the Spanish border);  and Amanteigado, a Portuguese sheep’s milk cheese produced in the coastal plain west of Lisbon (all three from Murray”s Cheese;  accompanied with slices of a Royal Crown Brick Oven Baguette (Brooklyn) purchased at Garden of Eden
  • wine:  Argentine, Malbec, Tikal Amorio 2007 Mendoza, the gift of a friend