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dinner, July 22, 2009


Except for the cheese, the lemon, the oil and the bread (oh and the wine, too), everything in this meal came from the Union Square Greenmarket today, including the fish.

  • appetizer of fresh goat cheese (that which remained from last night’s salon, and I didn’t note its source) on red-stem dandelion greens, both drizzled with oil and seasoned with Maldon salt and freshly-ground black pepper, lemon splashed onto the dandelions , sharing a plate with a colorful mixture of early heirloom tomatoes from Cherry Lane Farms, also drizzled with oil but then covered with torn basil;  with it, some thin slices from a multi-grain and multi-seeded ficelle from Garden of Eden.
  • tuna steak from the Blue Moon Fish stall (although actually taken not from the Blue Moon, but from the F/S Bookie), seasoned with salt and pepper and paved with a mixture of  crushed fennel seed and red pepper, grilled briefly and then sprinkled with oil and lemon (an extremely-simple from the excellent “Italian Easy:  Recipes from the London River Cafe“);  accompanied  by sauteed rainbow chard (the chard found at the stand of Evolutionary Organics from New Paltz) which was finished with lemon and crushed dried hot pepper seeds.
  • wine:  a Galician, Martin Codax Albariño 2007 (Rias Baixas) D.Otuna_fv_bookie