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new Quebec goat’s milk cheese

I picked up a “log” of a new goat’s milk cheese while I was at Garden of Eden last week.   “Le Cendrillon” is described by the producer, Alexis de Portneuf, as a “vegetable ash-covered cheese with a marble-textured rind and a smooth ivory body;  acidulous , semi-strong taste that becomes more pronounced with age”.

I admit that I was pulled in by the attractive packaging, and by the information supplied on the small poster which was a part of the modest store display.   It promised something new in a goat cheese, a promise which interested this foodie, already a fan of things goat, and it was completely fulfilled.   I was also attracted by its geographic heritage:  Le Cendrillon is a relatively-new goat cheese and it comes from Quebec.

We enjoyed it tonight (May 6)  at the end of a simple meal of pasta, accompanying it with the thinly-sliced and toasted heal of a one-week-old loaf of whole wheat from Amy’s Bread in the Chelsea Market, along with the last of the bottle of 2007 Corvo (Sicily) Insolia in from Philippe Wine in Chelsea

[image from canada.com]