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dinner, January 1, 2010


I had originally planned a slightly more extensive meal for New Year’s Day, one which would have begun with a terrific-looking and sounding terrine of game, pink peppercorns and ginger.  I had purchased it at the Dickson’s Farmstand Meats in Chelsea Market the same afternoon I picked up their rolled lamb belly, which was also the day I spotted the chartreuse holiday lights across the street from the Market.

As it happened, and with some irony, once I was back home I became engaged in writing the previous dinner post and wasn’t watching the clock.   I remembered to put the miniature roast into a medium oven, but before I knew it I realized there was only enough time to prepare the vegetables which were to accompany it.  We wouldn’t be sitting down to a first course.  We’ll have the terrine tonight instead.

With the exception of the Auslese and the espresso, last night’s meal was entirely French-inspired;   in fact I confess I was gently guided by Julia Child and her collaborators.

  • roasted boned and rolled lamb belly which had been painted hours before with a mix of dijon mustard, soy sauce, mashed garlic, ground cardamom and oil;   garnished with torn dandelion leaves originally intended to lie with the terrine; accompanied by Pommes de terre sautées au beurre, or potatoes sauteed in butter;  and Choux de Bruxelles étuvés au beurre, or Brussels sprouts braised in butter [the small white potatoes from Garden of Eden; the sprouts from Marlow & Daughters]*
  • espresso cafe

* although the image shown above is actually of an earlier purchase (December 16) from Van Houten Farms at the Union Square Greenmarket

dinner, December 31, 2009


Alvin Langdon Coburn The Octopus 1912

[image from the Metropolitan Museum]