bacon, eggs, toast, spring shallot, harissa, basil, nasturtium

The little tumbleweeds on the top of the eggs are dill flowers, still attached to the top of their stems.

Although it was a very late breakfast, it had to be a substantial one, since we would only be eating one other meal yesterday.  It was our 25th anniversary, and we had reserved an 8:30 table at Faro, our favorite restaurant.

In addition to the dill, there was also bacon, and eggs, and toast, plus spring shallot, Maldon salt, Tellicherry pepper, harissa, basil, and nasturtium.

As for the Calabrian peppers barely visible at the top of the picture, to be honest, neither of us touched them during the meal; I think I had put them there only for the color.

  • The sources for the breakfast were bacon and eggs from Millport Dairy; lightly-toasted slices of a multigrain baguette from the 23rd Street Saturday greenmarket stall of She Wolf Bakery (unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat dark rye, white starter, honey, sugar, and a grain mix of millet, sunflower, coarse rye, oats, flax seed, and sesame; a portion of one spring shallot from Alewife Farm, gently warmed in olive oil; torn basil, also from Alewife Farm; a dab of sun-dried chilli-pepper harissa from NYShuk Pantry; and dill flowers from Eckerton Hill Farm
  • the music was the album, ‘Mouton: 1515 – Sacred Works‘, music of the French renaissance composer Jean Mouton