fried egg, leek, habanada, herbs, micro sorrel, bacon, toast


It was a fairly unexceptional Sunday breakfast for us, but made exceptional for the pleasure of sitting down with a view of the snow on the roof garden.

  • There were 6 eggs and a little thick bacon from Millport Dairy Farm; a thinly-sliced green section of one baby leek and a bit of a home-dried heatless, orange Habanada pepper, both from Norwich Meadows Farm; fresh tarragon from Whole Foods Market; dry winter savory (purchased much earlier fresh from Stokes Farm); Maldon salt; freshly-ground pepper, with a bit of L’ekama harissa on the side; micro from sorrel from Two Guys from Woodbridge; and toasts from loaves of Eric Kayser ‘Pain aux Céréales’ from their shop/bakery on Broadway, and Balthazar sourdough rye (quarter) from Schaller & Weber
  • the music was Lou Harrison, ‘Mass for Saint Cecilia’s Day’, on Spotify