fried eggs, bacon, red scallion, tomato, toast, herbs, spices


This is what our eggs looked like this morning while they were still in the iron pan. I’m not happy with the picture I took of them once they were on a plate, so I’ll have to describe what’s missing in the image above and added later.

  • aside from the 6 eggs from Millport Dairy Farm, sliced red scallion stems from Norwich Meadows Farm, 10 small ripe cherry tomatoes from Stokes Farm, Maldon salt and freshly-ground Tellicherry pepper, there were also slices of toast from a loaf of Eataly’s ‘Rustico Classico’, thick slices of fried bacon from Millport Dairy Farm,   dried crushed organioc wild fennel flowers from Buon Italia, and fresh cut fennel blossoms from Rise & Root Farm, a small mound of chopped papalo from Lani’s Farm, and a wonderful aromatic Middle-Eastern-style seasoning blend, ‘L’eKama‘ from NY Shuk
  • the music was a biblical ‘passion’ which has rarely been executed by composers, that of Saint Mark, and specifically Reinhard Keiser’s ‘Jesus Christus ist um unsrer Missetat willen verwundet‘, which we heard on Spotify