egg, tomato, sausage, greens, wild garlic, L’eKama, lovage


there will be a total of only two meals today


We finished the first meal of the day at 2:30. Later there will be a small half shank leg of lamb, roasted, served with some sympathetic vegetables. There will be nothing betwixt. The image above should help to explain why.

I don’t know what to call this dish, which is something of a hodgepodge. Because it is that, and because it will still be that the next time I do something like it, I won’t describe how it was put together. I probably couldn’t anyway, but, if it helps, I will say that I cooked it in a preheated 375º oven for about 10 or 15 minutes (or until the whites had become opaque).

  • The ingredients were, in order of their appearance in a small-ish ceramic oven dish: a little butter; a generous number of halved Backyard Farms Maine ‘cocktail tomatoes’ from Whole Foods; some wilted Shunkyo radish greens from Lani’s Farm; quartered thin slices of a hard, smokey paprika sausage whose identity I can no longer supply; finely-chopped wild garlic from Lani’s Farm; 8 eggs from Millport Dairy; salt; pepper; dabs from a small jar of an aromatic seasoning blend with the name, L’eKama, on top of the eggs once the portions were on plates; and a little chopped lovage from Two Guys from Woodbridge scattered over all
  • the music, played on the highest holy day of the Christian church, was Heinrich Schutz, ‘Die Auferstehung unsres Herren Jesu Christi, performed by the Hilliard Ensemble; for what it’s worth, it was succeeded by a James Levine/Bayreuth recording of ‘Parsifal’, which is likely to be completed before the second, and last, meal of the day