bacon, eggs, thyme, tomatoes, oregano, micro kale, toast


It was Valentine’s day, so I included a little deep red on the side.

This was our breakfast-but-also-lunch on this rather sweet holiday.  We don’t have bacon and eggs every Sunday, and tomatoes are rarely a part of it when we do, but this fast-breaker was put onto the table even later in the day than usual, and therefore it was lunch as well as breakfast.  I also thought the bright red fruit would be a somewhat electric reminder of the holiday just beginning.

The bottom line was that I think tomatoes and eggs are just about as natural a pairing as bacon and eggs, and including all three in an early afternoon meal made it something of a feast betimes.

Once I had sat down and was well into its enjoyment, I thought to myself, and told Barry, I felt it was one of those meals you want to go on, and on. I suspect every element of it had addictive properties.

  • the eggs, topped with chopped thyme from Foragers Market, Maldon salt, and good telicherry pepper, freshly ground, were from Millport Dairy Farm, as was the double-thick smoked bacon in whose residual fat they were fried; the tomatoes were Backyard Farms Maine ‘cocktail tomatoes’ from Whole Foods, slow-roasted with garlic from Keith’s Farm and abundant pungent dried Italian oregano from Buon Italia, finished with chopped parsley from Eataly; the kale micro greens, undressed, were from Lucky Dog Organic Farm; the toast was from three different breads, a small amount of each: the heels of one days-old sourdough loaf from Rock Hill Bakery and a two-day-old semolina loaf from Eataly, and a fresh Bien Cuit baguette from Forager’s Market baked, well, today