New Year’s Day: the first meal of 2015




Eggs. While they weren’t really going to be for breakfast, but rather more like lunch, the day before the first day of the new year I picked up some Shiiatake mushrooms at the Union Square Greenmarket.  I had spotted this recipe from Food52  on line the day before that.  It looked very good, it could be done without fussing, and I was happy that I had all the  ingredients on hand, except for the mushrooms (a wee bit smug about that), and, finally, everything could be cooked inside one of the ancient, well-seasoned iron pans which I  ‘inherited’ from some Australian sailors in Newport nearly half a century back.  It always gives me great pleasure to use one of my Wagner pans (no relation).

And so at some time around 2 o’clock the next afternoon we ate our first meal of 2015, ‘Baked Eggs with Mushrooms and Gruyere’.  It went very well:  The dish was delicious and, while they were barely runny inside, the yolks were totally contained by the mushroom mix, and nothing was lost on the plate.

  • the mushrooms were from John D. Madura Farms, the garlic from Migliorelli Farm, the thyme from Manhattan Fruit Exchange, the cheese (Swiss Le Gruyère) from Trader Joe’s, and the eggs from Knoll Krest Farm
  • the toast was from a whole wheat baguette purchased at Dean & Deluca the day before