fried eggs with wood sorrel; minutina; toast


This is probably the first time breakfast has appeared on this site, even if today it also served as lunch, but this one was pretty super.

About once a month we observe Sunday in an even more special way than our tradition of listening to a Bach cantata first thing in the morning, er, …, afternoon while enjoying the first meal of the day (we’re currently in the middle of volume 14 of the Ton Koopman recordings).    Special is eggs.  Eggs are always special. Like Bach, I try to vary the preparation, the seasonings, condiments, and the accompaniments.  Today I sprinkled fried eggs with cut wild wood sorrel, and I served minutina, cut minimally, on the side.

My apologies for the sorrel missing in the picture above; I snapped it quickly and we started eating before I realized my mistake.  This is a detail of the serving, taken after I finally added the beautiful herb:



  • very fresh eggs from Norwich Meadows Farm, gently fried in olive oil and butter, seasoned with Maldon sea salt (our table salt and my normal finishing salt) and freshly-ground tellicherry pepper
  • minutina from Bodhitree Farm, simply washed, dried, then drizzled with good olive oil and seasoned with the same salt and pepper
  • slices of the Bronx bakery Il Forni’s ‘Pane di Sesamo’, from West Side Market, toasted to accompany the eggs