sautéed flounder with tomato; potatoes; minutina


The basic treatment of this flounder is one I’ve often repeated, using various kinds of flatfish, but this time the real variation was my decision to include in the pan a single mahogany heirloom tomato I didn’t want to see ripen any more than it already had.

  • flounder fillets from Pura Vida, rinsed, dried, sprinkled on both sides with a bit of good white wine vinegar and salt, coated with flour, sautéed on both sides in more than just a small amount of olive oil, with one roughly-chopped mahagony -colored heirloom tomato from Berried Treasures introduced near the end of the cooking time, then everything removed from the pan, which was then wiped dry, a mixture of butter, lemon juice, lots of chopped wild wood sorrel from Bodhitree Farm, and a smaller amount of chopped parsley from Paffenroth Gardens added to the pan (the parsley was added to present  the sauce with a bright green appearance, rather than the olive drab which is characteristic of sorrel when it’s been heated), warmed, then poured over the fillets and the pieces of tomato
  • tiny new potatoes from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm, boiled then finished with olive oil, salt and pepper, and chopped lovage from Windfall Farm
  • minutina from Bodhitree, wilted in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper
  • the wine was a Chilean white, Tres Palacios Maipo Valley Reserve Chardonnay 2013