porgy with garlic, herbs, and lemon; grilled eggplant


The meal was delicious (also, no Porgy bones!), but this is is a pretty dull presentation. I could easily have addd a red tomato, at least, or any of the parti-colored cherry tomatoes sitting on the windowsill only a few feet away, but we can see that I didn’t.  Or would it have hurt to add some parsley for the bare spot on the plate (especially since I think of parsley as vegetable)?  Maybe next time.

  • three-ounce Porgy fillets from PE & DD Fish, pan-seared in a bit of butter along with sliced scallions John D. Madura Farms, along with some salt, then basted several times with the the scallion butter, and, after turning the fish over, basted some more, now with the scallion butter to which a mix of chopped herbs [6 herbs in this case] had been added at the time the fish was flipped, continuing until the Porgy was cooked through (the recipe was slightly modified from one written by Melissa Clark)
  • Japanese eggplant from Bodhitree Farm, first cut in half, then scored, the cut side spread with a mixture of olive oil, finely chopped garlic, and fresh oregano from Central Valley Farm, seasoned, then pan-grilled (the excellent recipe is pulled, unaltered, from Mario Batali)
  • a Burgundy Sauvignon Blanc (yup), from Auxerre, Saint-Bris Sauvignon 2012. from Jean-Marc Brocard