pimiento de padron, ribeye, radicchio, okra, greens


There were two courses in the meal we enjoyed last night.  The appetizer was a serving of sautéed pimiento de padron from Bodhitree Farm, finished with a sprinkling of flaky Maldon salt.


The main course consisted of two really terrific 5-ounce ribeye steaks from Dixon Farmstand Meats, pan-grilled and finished with lemon, lovage (from Keith’s Farm), and oil.  They were accompanied by both green and purple okra (from Bodhitree Farm, like the pimiento), sautéed with red pepper flakes.  There was also a little radicchio, from Tamarack Hollow Farm, which was quartered, dipped in oil, a bit of balsamic vinegar, and minced garlic, pan-grilled, sprinkled with salt, and finally dressed with some of the reserved balsamic mixture.  The other contorno was a small plate of radish greens from Norwich Meadow Farms, sautéed in oil in which a garlic clove had been softened.

The wine with both courses was a Castilla-La Mancha Tempranillo, Venta Morales 2012