“ducketta”, tomato, herbed La Ratte 9/21/10

This duck breast was incredibly delicious, and unlike any domesticated bird I’d ever tasted.  It was closer in taste to the wild duck Barry and I had enjoyed in a small tavern below the Austrian inn in which we stayed overnight in Melk years ago.  On that occasion however the meat included a pellet from the hunter’s shotgun (discovered in time), evidence of its origins.
  • grissini (Roberto)
  • ducketta“, using the two halves of a complete duck breast from the smallish Lola heritage breed produced by Hudson Valley Duck Farm and purchased at the New Amsterdam Market (although the farm can also be found in the Union Square Greenmarket on Mondays), stuffed with a paste of garlic, crushed fennel seeds, chopped rosemary, grated parmesan and oil, then seasoned and browned on top of the range, and finally turned over and roasted in the oven;  accompanied by a halved, seasoned, grilled orange heirloom tomato from Bodhitree Farm in the Greenmarket, finished with a light brushing of balsamic vinegar; and small La Ratte potatoes from Berried Treasures Farm (also in the Greenmarket) which had been halved lengthwise, tossed with oil, chopped rosemary and sage, seasoned, and roasted on a ceramic pan in the oven
  • wine:  Spanish red, Navarre, Inurrieta 2005 Sur (75% Garnacha, 25% Graciano) from 67 Wine
  • candied slices of ginger

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