tuna, turkish eggplant, grilled 9/23/10

  • red radishes, grissini
  • tuna steak from Citarella, covered on both sides with a mixture of crushed fennel seed, garlic and oil, seasoned, then briefly pan-grilled, and finished with drops of oil and lemon juice; accompanied by colorful Turkish eggplants, from Keith’s Farm in the Greenmarket (note:  I haven’t been able to locate anything that looks like these beauties on line), which had been halved, scored and brushed with a mixture of oil, garlic, shiso, and lovage (the garlic, shiso and lovage used in this meal all came from the Greenmarket), seasoned, then also pan-grilled
  • wine:  California, Parducci Pinot Noir 2008, Mendocino
  • green figs from Eataly, served with a bit of balsamic vinegar