3-herb, 3-chilis, 6 [fried] egg-‘omelette’, bacon and tomato

(I turned the plate 90° clockwise after the photo)

I know it looks maximal, especially after the last few Sunday lunches, when I’d been reducing the number of things I’ve been tossing into our breakfast/lunch plates, but I guess I got carried away with the current bounty of the kitchen’s larder. Once we had sat down, I decided I’d just think of it as a 3 peppers/3 herbs omelet.

  • the plates included 6 fresh eggs from pastured chickens and 5 slices of bacon from pastured pigs, all from John Stoltzfoos’ Pennsylvania Millport Dairy Farm in the Union Square Greenmarket, one very ripe medium red/green heirloom tomato from Eckerton Hill Farm, sliced, seasoned with local sea salt from P.E. & D.D. Seafood and freshly ground black pepper, then heated in olive oil, sprinkled with ‘Gram Masala’ from Bombay Emerald Chutney Company (purchased at the Saturday Chelsea Farmers Market), and garnished with micro purple radish from WIndfall Farms, the eggs fried inside the same very large well-seasoned cast iron pan in which the bacon had been slowly cooked (but only after a little rich Vermont Creamery butter had first been added), seasoned with sea salt and black pepper, one sliced fresh habanada pepper from Campo Rosso Farm, a small amount of crushed dried, ripe red shishito pepper (some of which could actually have been hot) from Lani’s Farm, and 2 finely chopped tiny Brazil wax peppers from Eckerton Hill Farm, and sprinkled with an herb mix of lovage from Keith’s Farm, epazote from TransGenerational Farm, and flowering pericón (‘Mexican tarragon’) from Norwich Meadows Farm; the bread was untoasted slices of ‘Seedy Grains’ (wheat, spelt, rye, and barley organic bread flours; buckwheat; oats; flax sesame, sunflower,  and pumpkin seeds; water, and salt) from Lost Bread Co.
  • the music was a collection of sacred works, and secular works inspired by the sacred, from three composers with the name Praetorius, Jacob, Hieronymus, and Michael, from the album, ‘Praetorious’, Pablo Heras-Casado conducting the Balthasar-Neumann-Ensemble