substitutions can add spice to a dish: mint insalata caprese

Last night I was set on serving the water buffalo mozzarella we had as an appetizer, especially since I had several possibilities for a tomato role, but I had forgotten I didn’t have basil of any kind.

I was sure neither the mozzarella nor the tomato would object to my fiddling with the classic insalata caprese formula, and there are probably an unlimited number of alternatives to the classic ocimum basilicum part, but I went with the closest thing I had to the Italian original: fresh mint leaves, mostly because basil and mint are both in the aromatic lamiaceae family. The mint can get overpowering, but if it does, it can then just be set aside.

It really worked, and I was very happy that the plate looked as good as it tasted.

Except for the olive oil and the wine, it was all about the Union Square Greenmarket.