the 10th anniversary of the Hoggard / Wagner Food blog

I began writing this blog 10 years ago today. I’ve reproduced the first modest entry below.

It appears to have been before the era of photography.

So I’m just going to add some color here, before I do anything else.

dinner, March 16, 2009

  • ham steak (from Flying Pigs Farm, at the Union Square Greenmarket) with walnut butter, breadcrumbs, and parsley (adapted from Mimi Sheraton’s The German Cookbook), served with oven fries seasoned with ground coriander (the simple recipe is from Bon Appetit) using Red Adirondack potatoes, also from Union Square Greenmarket
  • cheese course:  two Spanish cheeses, Valdeón (blue) from León, and Garrotxa from Catalonia, plus a bit of  Bucheron (French, Loire), served with “Organic Seeduction” (6 seeds or grains) bread from Whole Foods
  • wine: Messmer Spätburgunder 2007 (German Pinot Noir from the Pfalz), purchased at Uva in Williamsburg


[the image, of ‘Times Square 106 Primary Red Gel Filter Sheet 10″ x 10″, is from Amazon]