breakfast, basically composed of only fresh ingredients

The only thing even slightly exceptional about this version of our regular Sunday bacon and eggs breakfasts that I can think to mention is the fact that everything on the plate was fresh, with the exception of the salt, pepper, and capers (they arrived after the photo was taken). There were no other dry spices, and no dry herbs.

  • the ingredients were eggs from pastured Americauna chickens and thick bacon from pastured pigs, both products of Millport Dairy Farm; one Opalka plum tomato from Eckerton Hill Farm; torn basil leaves (Gotham Greens Rooftop, from Whole Foods); a small finely-chopped piece of an aji dulce pepper (not really hot) from Eckerton Hill Farm; some tomato water or juices that remained from a salsa created for an earlier meal; the last of some Mediterranean organic wild capers in brine (from a Providence, Rhode Island distributor) that had been drained, dried, covered in olive oil, and served as a condiment on the side; Maldon salt, freshly-ground black pepper, scissored buds and fine fronds off of a bunch of fresh fennel from from Lani’s Farm; and toasts from 2 loaves of bread from She Wolf Bakery, a sourdough bâtard and a sturdy country bread miche with what my mother used to tell us was a baker’s hole, or, “the place where the baker slept” [the toast in the picture began as a thick slice of the miche; I had sliced it too thick to fit inside our 1934 art deco Toastmaster, and while it looks a bit like it might have been toasted at the end of a fork over an open fire, I used our Camp-A-Toaster’: it was delicious, especially the dark part, which surprised me]