blue eggs, green tomato, perfect orange yolks, and more

Actually, it was the egg shells that were blue.


I don’t think I should be posting every meal on this blog, and in fact I don’t always do. I especially don’t think I should be writing about every single Sunday breakfast, since they’re almost always assembled around many of the same things, eggs, usually fried eggs, because we like fried eggs, and because we want to avoid challenging the cook early in the day.

The colors that appear on the plates make for some of the most interesting weekly variations, and yesterday’s plates were particularly sweet examples, but it was also because I was excited about sending all 6 eggs to the table with perfect unbroken yellows, giving the toast more to do, that I decided to include this particular early meal in the blog.

  • clearly seen in the picture are thick slices of bacon from pastured pigs and blue Americauna eggs from free-range chickens, both from Millport Dairy Farm, a bit of shallot from Lucky Dog Organic Farm, a little chopped fresh habanada pepper from Alewife Farm, Maldon salt and freshly-ground black pepper, a bit of finely-chopped mildly-spicy aji rico pepper from Alewife Farm, one green zebra heirloom tomato from Stokes Farm, cut flowering dill flowers from Rise & Root Farm, and lightly-toasts slices of both a Pain D’Avignon rye and a She Wolf Bakery miche
  • the music was the album, ‘Orlando di Lasso: Laudate Dominum’, with Andrew McAnerney directing Studio de Musique Ancienne de Montreal