breakfast with micro greens and flowers; Morton Feldman

I intended it as something in honor of the full onset of summer, but I almost went overboard with the flowers and micro greens – and micro reds – in today’s breakfast.

  • the ingredients were 2 slices of thick smoked bacon and 6 very fresh Americauna chicken eggs from Millport Dairy Farm, 4 Backyard Farms Maine ‘cocktail tomatoes’ from Whole Foods Market, Maldon salt and pungent freshly-ground Whole Foods Market black pepper, the last of a small bottle of a dry seasoning called L’ekama from Ron & Leetal Arazi’s New York Shuk, micro red amaranth and micro sorrel from Windfall Farms, shallot blossoms from Keith’s Farm, and lightly-toasted slices of Orwasher’s dark wheat-based wine bread, made with a Long Island vineyard Chardonnay starter
  • the music was Morton Feldman’s 1981 piece, ‘Triadic Memories’, performed by John Snijders