pan-fried spaghetto with ramps, mint, chilis, and parmesan

I had a full bunch of ramps, purchased at the Greenmarket on Saturday, and I knew I could get more the next day, so I looked around for a pasta recipe which would not stint on these terrific wild spring alliums.

I went on line an hour before starting dinner, and I quickly found, ‘Spaghetti Pan-Fried with Ramps & Mint‘.

The ingredients were few, the process pretty simple, and I was astounded at how delicious – and complex – this pasta turned out to be. Some of the credit should probably go to my adding part one pepperoncino, but most of it was surely the formula itself and the quality of the ingredients.

The dish was VERY good, and it got even better over time and as it moved to room temperature. Lesson: do not eat in haste, and do not insist on hot food.

Otherwise, the recipe itself is in the link in the second paragraph above, and the several ingredients I used on this night are: