slow-braised goat shank; roasted parsnips; radish greens


I’ve always thought of New Years Day as something like a companionable New Years Eve, or a small-scale Thanksgiving, whose meal demands no particular traditions.

I look forward to January 1 because it represents starting out fresh, and it’s such a relaxed setting for enjoying both good food and drink.  We often share it with friends, although this year we forgot to plan ahead.  Still, a company of one is pretty great if it’s your love, best friend and muse!


  • two 12-ounce goat shanks from Consider Bardwell Farm, browned in large enameled cast iron pan, sprinkled with salt and pepper while cooking, the heat lowered, any excess fat removed, a third to a half of a cup of white wine added, simmered, covered, over the lowest possible heat for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, or until the meat is falling off the bone (I didn’t quite go that far this time, but it was still totally tender), turning the shanks and adding water as they cooked, then, since this was goat, and not lamb, and there was therefor almost no fat in the braising liquid at the end, I was able to pour it over the meat as it was, an au jus, but with wine
  • parsnips from Rogowski Farm, sliced as French fries, tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper, roasted for about 25 minutes at 400º, served sprinkled with chopped parsley from Whole Foods
  • radish greens from Lani’s Farm, wilted in olive oil in which a small garlic clove from Berried Treasures had been allowed to sweat for a bit, then seasoned with salt, pepper, a small squeeze of a small Long Island lemon/lime citrus fruit from Fantastic Gardens, and a bit more olive oil
  • the wine was a French (Rhône) red, Vincent Paris Selections, Crozes-Hermitage, 2013, from Flatiron Wines & Spirits [this particular vintage is no longer shown on the shop’s site]
  • the music was Q2, streaming some terrific new American compositions, appropriately enough