salmon, tarragon; boiled potato, chives; arugula and cress


  • one 14-ounce fillet of wild Coho salmon from Whole foods, cut into two servings, placed, skin side up, in an oval, enameled cast iron pan in which about two tablespoons of unsalted ‘Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter‘ (with 12 g total fat; when every other one available here has 11) had been allowed to heat until the foam began to recede, then placed in a 450º oven for about 7 minutes, or until barely cooked, flipped a little more than half way through, removed, arranged on plates, sprinkled with Maldon salt, freshly-ground Tellicherry pepper, and chopped tarragon from Stokes Farm
  • small red potatoes from Stokes Farm, boiled in well-salted water, drained, dried in the still-warm glass pot, rolled in a little butter, scattered with salt and pepper, and sprinkled with scissored slices from 6 or 7 whole baby chive plants from Rogowski Farm
  • beautiful slightly-curly arugula from Keith’s Farm, and a small amount of watercress from Max Creek Hatchery, briefly warmed in a little butter, seasoned with salt and pepper, and sprinkled with a bit of juice of a very small lemon/lime citrus fruit from Fantastic Gardens
  • the wine was a very good Oregon (Willamette Valley) red, Ponzi Tavola Pinot Noir 2012, from Astor WInes and Spirits
  • the music was a part of the continuing WQXR annual 10-day, year-end Bach Festival, which at this time featured music for the feast of the Assumption