spaghetti, squash, lemon, olives, radicchio, mint


This one was totally improvised. I had some very small yellow summer squash on hand, the nucleus of a head of radicchio, some mint, a lemon, and some great olives which I pitted two days earlier but then decided not to use, and of course I had a great artisanal pasta.

Very nice.

  • twelve ounces of Afeltra spaghetti from Eataly, tossed with about half a dozen small yellow squash from Berried Treasures, thinly-sliced, seasoned and pan grilled, some torn radicchio leaves from Tamarack Hollow Farm, olive oil, both lemon zest and lemon juice, a few pitted black olives, and torn spearmint leaves from Phillips Farm
  • the wine was a Sicilian white, Corvo Insolia 2013 from Philippe Wine in Chelsea, on our corner
  • the music was Jordi Saval’s album, ‘Mare Nostrum