salmon, savory; potatoes, allium, parsley; rapini


While this meal did a good job of combining a neat variety of colors and textures, it actually came together more by accident than design.  I had a good fresh vegetable in the crisper, and I wanted to serve fish.  I was unable to get to the Greenmarket that day, so in the evening I picked up a fillet of wild Coho salmon (Pacific Northwest, previously frozen) from the market down the block – and at a sale price!.  Potatoes felt right for this plate, so I added a handful.  (I’ve found small boiling potatoes handy to keep around, so I try to remember to use them before they sit too long, and then replace the supply.)

  • wild Coho salmon fillet from Whole Foods Market, roasted in butter in a shallow enameled cast-iron pan (using two tablespoons of butter for about 12 ounces of salmon), seasoned, roasted for about eight minutes, turned once, after five minutes, removed to warm plates and sprinkled with salt, pepper, chopped savory from Bodhitree Farm
  • small waxy potatoes, ’18K Gold Nugget’ from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm, boiled, dried, tossed with olive oil, sprinkled with a mix of several chopped fresh herbs and a bit of sliced Shimonita Onion (a combination of baby leek and spring onion) from Lani’s Farm
  • young broccoli rabe (aka rapi, broccoli raab, cime di rapa, rapini; friarielli, broccoli di rapa, or broccoletti) from Lani’s Farm, wilted along with two garlic halves from Whole Foods which had previously sweated a bit in olive oil, the greens then seasoned with salt and pepper
  • the wine was a German red, Becker Family Pinot Noir 2010
  • there was lots of music