linguine with littleneck clams, garlic, chiles, parsley


The combination of Pasta and clams is so familiar, and there are so many ways to assemble the dish, that it’d be presumptuous of me to try to describe my own recipe – even if I had one.  The truth is, I seem to go about it a little differently each time, and I don’t think I could outline the procedure I followed this time, even if I thought is might be useful to me or to anyone reading this. In any event, it’s almost impossible to mess up this dish.

  • I can only say that what I did tonight seemed to involve heating things in three different pots, at least one of them covered throughout; that is to say, there was one pot for preparing a sauce composed of olive oil, dried chiles, finely-chopped garlic from Norwich Meadows Farm, and chopped parsley from Phillips Farm, then one large pot for boiling the Setaro linguine, and a third, this one with a cover, for sure, for cooking the clams in their own moisture ten minutes or so, being careful to time the cooking in the last two pots so that the pasta would be finished at the same time as the bivalves; additional chopped parsley was sprinkled on the dish once everything was placed in serving bowls
  • the wine was an Italian white, a Soave Classico Castelcerino Filippi 2011