sautéed flounder, fennel and tomato, radish greens


This entrée was a triumph of fresh local, natural food sources.  Absolutely everything which was not actually fresh (like oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, flour) – other than the lemon juice and the wine – was brought home from the Union Square Greenmarket in the last few days.

  • flounder fillets from PE & DD, washed, dried, brushed with a bit of good white wine vinegar and salt, floured, browned in olive oil, then removed to the plates, the pan wiped with paper towels, then butter, lemon juice and parsley from Paffenrath Farms added quickly and briefly heated, the resulting sauce poured over the fillets,  which were finished with chopped lovage from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm
  • bulb fennel from Norwich Meadows Farm, slowly braised with sliced garlic from from Berried treasures, roughly-chopped heirloom tomatoes (also from Berried Treasures), crushed hot chiles (dried Santaka Peppers from Keith’s Farm), then finished with lemon juice, and chopped fennel fronds
  • radish greens from John D. Madura Farms, wilted in oil seasoned by heating a small garlic clove from Lani’s Farm which had been sliced in two
  • the wine was a French Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Château des Eyssards Bergerac 2012